Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hello. I'm Rebecca Scarberry (Scarberryfields on Twitter). Thank you for visiting my blog today. I have interviewed another brilliant author. She is Misty Evans (readmistyevans on Twitter). I enjoyed learning more about Misty and certain you will also.

Scarberryfields: Can you tell us a little about your nationality?
Misty: I’m a mixed bag…there’s some Irish, English, Austrian and even a tiny bit of Cherokee in my bloodline. Your all-American writer, I guess!
Scarberryfields: When you finished your debut novel, did you miss the characters?
Misty: Sure did! My debut novel, OPERATION SHEBA, turned into the Super Agent series so I’m still visiting with those characters. The fourth book, THE BLOOD CODE, comes out next year.
Scarberryfields: While writing, if you need help with punctuation, grammar, etc., where do you turn?
Misty: I have an English minor and have done lots of editing through the years, but I still use a variety of sources when I need help. During the first draft, I double check things on various internet sites and sometimes email my editors. Once that’s complete, I send the story to several content and copy editors who fix my split infinitives (love those gosh darn things) and highlight all my overused words!
Scarberryfields: With the number of hours spent writing, do family members support you or complain about the time spent away from them?
Misty: My family is very supportive, but sometimes deadlines and family life conflict, especially when you have twin teen sons, so I try to stay flexible and so do my husband and kids.
Scarberryfields: Does writing benefit you in any way and if so, how?
Misty: Since I was young, writing helped me sort out emotions. I was very shy! Most of my life, I’ve kept journals to document the important stuff and work through the not-so-fun stuff. Creating fictional stories is fun and also keeps me sane!
Scarberryfields: When you’re writing, do you shut-off all social networks?
Misty: I try to write every morning when my muse is most active and I stay off the internet until I make my word count, especially if I’m on deadline.
Scarberryfields: Did you use any family members as Beta readers for your debut novel?
Misty: Only my mom. LOL. Most of my beta readers were agents. I had several who took the time to detail what I needed to fix with that first novel and one eventually signed me.
Scarberryfields: Do you feel social networking as a marketing tool, is beneficial?
Misty: Anything that helps me connect with my fans is awesome!
Scarberryfields: What is the last book called that you completed and published?
Misty: DANCING WITH THE DEVIL, Witches Anonymous Step 5. It releases on Halloween. I also have a holiday culinary romance that just released called THE SECRET LIFE OF CRANBERRY SAUCE.

Please go to Amazon to look inside of this book by Misty. Thank you. 
Scarberryfields: Where can readers go to find your books? 

Misty: Amazon, B&N, iBookstore, Kobo, Smashwords, All Romance eBooks. Excerpts of all of my books can be found at www.readmistyevans.com  


Misty Evans is the best-selling and award-winning author of four series: Super Agent spy series, the Witches Anonymous paranormal romance series, the dark paranormal Lost Worlds series and her urban fantasy Kali Sweet series.
She has short stories in Entangled, A Paranormal Anthology, and Every Witch Way But Wicked. All proceeds from Entangled go to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation and all proceeds for EWWBW go to Nathan Fillion’s Kids Need To Read charity. 
Misty likes her coffee black, her conspiracy stories juicy, and her wicked characters dressed in couture. When not reading or writing, she enjoys hanging out with her husband of twenty-two years and their twin sons. Learn more and sign up for her newsletter at www.readmistyevans.com. Like her author page on Facebook or follow her on Twitter.

Misty: Thank you, Becky for having me today!

Scarberryfields: You're welcome, Misty. I look forward to reading your books one day.


  1. I learn a little more about you each time I read an interview, Misty! I didn't realize Operation Sheba was your first. Well done!

  2. Hi, there Scarberry Fields. Love your Call sign! I also have to wave and do a huge shout out to Author Misty Evans. I'm not really a stalker :) Just she tells her story with such sexy emotion and power, I know I'm in for a good read so she's on the automatic buy for me. Plus, she's a really nice person besides.

    Thanks for the interview!