Wednesday, December 3, 2014

A Special gift

Hello, thank you for visiting my blog today. I’m author Rebecca Scarberry (@Scarberryfields on Twitter) and author of seven books written in four different genres. As many of you already know, one of my favorite things to do is to help newly published authors learn to market their books better. I’m not an expert, and it’s been a struggle for me to learn to write fiction better and get noticed. In 2011 (before I had published), I was a book reviewer on two different review teams. This was a blessing. By reading all of the wonderful books written by self-published authors like Des Birch, Scott Bury, Micheal Rivers, Derek Blass, @Wodkehawkinson, @rsguthrie, Diane Major, Dave Perlmutter, John Dolan, Patricia Paris, Steve Caresser, and so many others; my writing skills improved. I’m honored that author, Dave Perlmutter mentioned me for my kindness in his 2nd book, My Way.
A very short time ago I started sending many new writers to author, Steve Caresser, founder of ePrintedBooks, for all their needs. Many signed up for promotional packages, book covers, etc. As a result, Steve has given me a free promotional package. I feel honored to have been given such a wonderful gift. I can’t thank Steve enough. I want to thank all of you who’ve tweeted my author page on his site and shared it on Facebook. The last time I counted 177 had tweeted it. I find that amazing and without a doubt, I’m very pleased.

I never check my sales on Amazon. Therefore, I don’t know if this has resulted in more sales. I just wait for the royalty check to be deposited in my account each month. The link to my author page is: I hope you’ll check it out and utilize the services provided by ePrintedBooks. They are very reasonable. Trust me, I've compared prices.

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