Sunday, January 18, 2015

An Update on my new book and screenplay
Hello. Thank you for visiting my blog today. I’m @Scarberryfields on Twitter and author of seven books (written in four different genres) that many seem to enjoy.  I have to admit, writing for young children is my passion, but I’m writing a new novel. Like my popular short story, Rag Doll, this story will have many twists and the ending might shock many readers. I’ve only written approximately seven thousand words so far. It’s a crime drama set in California. I think this story about a toddler named Chelsea will touch your hearts. I’ve already sent a portion of this story to my beta readers and they tell me they can’t wait to read the rest of it.
My main focus in the near future is to attempt to please all of the young children who love my children’s books, by getting Jumper, the friendly red beach ball, on television. I’ve been told that I’ll get the copyright for the script this month (January). Six days a week I walk a mile to my mailbox to see if it’s arrived.  Several television producers are waiting for me to send them the script. As I’ve said before, my main focus is to get the public broadcasting service to buy this and turn it into an animated cartoon series, similar to Sponge Bob Square Pants. I don’t care about wealth. I just want to please the children. Where I live, PBS has eliminated nearly all Saturday morning cartoons. 
I sell most of my Jumper series in person. Even my husband acts like my publicist. When he goes to town he tells everybody he meets that his wife is an author. He has sold many copies of my Jumper series right out of the back of his Hummer. I’ve also gotten many requests for signed copies of the series. No matter where these people live, I’ve given them a price, they’ve sent the money, and I’ve mailed them. This series is very costly for me to self-publish, but I’ve donated the entire series to a women’s shelter in Maryland and several libraries. Here’s a picture of a ‘thank you’ from the children in the shelter. I can’t show you the picture of one little girl holding volume one for her mother has requested I not do so. Her daughter read Jumper to all the little ones in the shelter and they loved it!!
If you have young children, please keep reading books to them. And if your child loved one of the books you read to them, please post a review.


  1. What a lovely thank you 'note'! I wish you all the best for your work. It sounds like you have a heart of gold!

  2. ok this was beautiful. What a wonderful thing to do <3