Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Hello. I'm Rebecca Scarberry, Scarberryfields on Twitter and the author of a short novella called, MESSAGES FROM HENRY. I have interviewed author, Melissa N. Burnett.  I enjoyed learning more about Melissa and I'm certain you will also.

Scarberryfields: Can you tell us a little about your nationality?
Melissa: I am an African American citizen of the United States of America.
Scarberryfields: When you finished your debut novel, did you miss the characters?
Melissa: No, because I’m writing a series of four novels, some of the characters from the first installment appear in the other three novels as well.
Scarberryfields: While writing, if you need help with punctuation, grammar, etc., where do you turn?
Melissa: I turn to the editor of my debut novel, Winslow Eliot. She’s an author of eight published novels and creator of WriteSpa where she offers the following services to writers: editing, mentoring and coaching.
Scarberryfields: With the number of hours spent writing, do family members support you or complain about the time spent away from them?
Melissa: It wasn’t easy for my family in the beginning, so yes, initially there were some complaints. Once they realized that writing was my true passion, they have become supportive.
Scarberryfields: Does writing benefit you in any way and if so, how?
Melissa: I’ve always had an over the top imagination and as a child I wrote stories for my own personal reading and enjoyment. I later shelved my stories to focus on teenage interests like singing, modeling and hanging with friends.
In 2001, I lost my aunt to cancer. It was a very difficult time and I found myself writing about her life as a way of coping with her death. I’ve been writing ever since. Whether it’s using my imagination or creating great stories, putting my thoughts on paper is definitely a benefit because it’s therapeutic for me and it makes me happy.
Scarberryfields: When you’re writing, do you shut-off all social networks?
Melissa: Yes. I do not use social networks when I’m in my writing zone. I like to play music when I’m writing. I have a deep love for music - it’s my inspiration. It brings out my creative side.
Scarberryfields: Did you use any family members as Beta readers for your debut novel?
Melissa: No. I used the services of Winslow Eliot.
Scarberryfields: Do you feel social networking as a marketing tool, is beneficial?
Melissa: Yes, I do. I use as many social networks as I can to market my novel. Twitter is my favorite. Readers can follow me on Twitter @MelissaNBurnett, “like” my Facebook page, leave comments or chat with me at www.facebook.com/musicfromthesoulseries They can also visit my web site at www.melissanicoleburnett.com.
Scarberryfields: What is the last book called that you completed and published?
Melissa: I am writing a series of four novels about four adult women falling in love while learning to heal from past traumatic situations. The series is called “Music from the Soul”. I’ve recently published the first installment from the series titled, “When the Love is Gone”.

Scarberryfields: Where can readers go to find your books?
Melissa: At present, my novel is available as an eBook. Interested readers may purchase my novel online at Smashwords.com, Amazon.com, Apple iBookstore, Barnesandnoble.com, Diesel-eBooks.com, Kobobooks.com and ebookstore.sony.com.

Scarberryfields: Thank you so much, Melissa for answering my questions. It's a pleasure knowing you. 

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