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Author Spotlight
Author, Des Birch is in the Spotlight!!

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 Hello. Thank you for visiting my blog today. I’m Rebecca Scarberry (@Scarberryfields on Twitter), author of Messages from Henry, Rag Doll, Jumper, Jumper Bounces Back, and Where Love Takes You. Des Birch is an excellent author and I hope you enjoy getting to know him better.

Rebecca: Would you please tell us a little bit about your nationality and where you live?
Des Birch: I was born in Limerick, Eire.  I came to England when I was less than a year old, so I don’t remember much about Ireland, apart from the occasional holiday.  The hospital in which I was born didn't have facilities for children, so I had to be moved to another hospital.  Unfortunately my mother was too ill to be moved, so I didn’t see her for the first few months of my life.
Rebecca: What books do you have published and do you have any works that you’ve written, but not published?
Des Birch:  I published Beyond Dark Waters, The Redemption, The Diary of an Innocent, and Different Eyes. I am currently working on two sequels to ‘Beyond Dark Waters’: ‘Above And Beyond dark Waters’ and ‘Somewhere Beyond Dark Waters’.  I am also working on a novel called ‘The Road To Chequered Sunlight’.  This shows the making of as well as the mindset of a mass murderer.  It is very violent and very explicit and so it will be published under my nom-de-plume ‘Juliandes’.

Rebecca: What do you do when you are not writing?
Des Birch: I work full time as a welder.  I enjoy pottering around in my home workshop, making things from wood.  I fish with mine and Julie’s boys and generally love being out in the countryside.
Rebecca: Before you self-published, did you send any of your manuscripts to any traditional publishing houses?
Des Birch: Yes.  My first novel was published by Pearl Press.
Rebecca: Have there been any times when you can’t concentrate until you write a story or poem that’s stuck in your mind?
Des Birch: This is something I wish I could control!  It happened recently with a poem called ‘The Kingdom’.  It was so clear in my mind that everything else I was writing was swamped.  The worst case of being distracted was when I was working on ‘Somewhere Beyond Dark Waters’.  There was something wrong with the structure and I wasn’t really certain that ‘Above And Beyond Dark Waters’ should not have been written first.  At that point another book ‘Lamia’ shot into my mind, demanding to be written first.  Who was I to argue?  I wrote ‘Lamia’, am now working on ‘Above And Beyond Dark Waters’ and have decided that after about 130 pages, I will need to completely restructure ‘Somewhere Beyond Dark Waters’.  Confusing times!
Rebecca: Have you won any awards for any of your books?
Des Birch: I was lucky enough to have been awarded the ePublishing Writer’s Award of Merit for my book ‘Beyond Dark Waters’.
Rebecca: Before I self-published you were my mentor and you were extremely helpful. Have you ever considered doing this again for other aspiring authors?
Des Birch:  It is very kind of you to say so.  I always like to help people, but since I work as a welder all week, time is at a premium.  I don’t think I would refuse to help anybody who might ask, but it would have to be a minimum involvement on my part.
Rebecca: Do you dream of any of your books being made into a movie?
Des Birch:  My children’s series begs to be made into a movie.  Reviews cast it as ‘An important book’ and one which should be ‘Mandatory reading in schools’.
Rebecca: If you could be anything except for a human what would that be?

Rebecca: I’ve seen pictures of you on Facebook where you’re petting tigers and swimming with sharks. Can you please tell us about this?

Des Birch:  This all stems from my love of wildlife.  When I was about 10 years old I saw a shark cage on our black and white TV.  I swore that I would one day be looking through those bars at a top predator.  A few years ago I fulfilled my dream off the southern coast of South Africa.  This is also where I took the opportunity to interact with big cats.

Rebecca: Have you ever published any sexy stories?
Des Birch: I’ve written a few but not actually published any.  If you allow it Becky, I’ll attach my favourite one to this interview.
Rebecca: Of course. I’m sure everywould love to read it. I’ve posted it below:


   The queue was long in the dark, dismal room.  People waited like sheep, standing in endless lanes, occasionally shuffling forward, only to continue with their lonely vigil.  ‘They’ were in charge; ‘they’ said when you could move forward to your fate.
   She looked around her nervously.  Officials in plain clothes stood around nonchalantly, but she knew that they were really secret police.  Cameras viewed them from every wall, watching for the slightest hint of change in the faces of the men and women, resigned to their fate.
What would it be like this time?  She glanced around her again, but he was not there.  Perhaps nothing would happen!  More people entered the room, their looks immediately compliant with their surroundings.  She shuffled forward again.  As the angle of her view changed, her eyes were drawn to the dark paneled door.  Her heart missed a beat, for she knew what lay behind that door.  She had been taken through it before.  She shuffled forward again, rounding one of the bends, when she saw him.  His back was to her but she would know him anywhere.  This tall, blond, muscular man in a plain white, short-sleeved shirt; the man who had first led her through the dark paneled door.
She stood there looking at the ground, trying not to call attention to herself.  Perhaps he would not notice her.  She looked at the long queue in front of her and as he turned and smiled, she knew the fate that awaited her.
“Come with me,” he said as he took her roughly by the upper arm and led her towards the paneled door.
She made a weak attempt at struggling, but it was more for show than as a serious attempt to break free.  There were looks of pity on the faces of the others, but also of relief that it was not they who were being led away.  Suddenly, boredom was what they sought.
She was pushed into the almost empty room as the blond man closed the door.  There was a large table in the centre with restraining straps at the four corners.  She backed up against the wall, a cold shiver running over her skin.
“Are you ready to hand over the book now?” he asked as he stood in front of her.
She stood silent, her eyes lowered.  He took off his shirt in readiness for the task ahead, his muscles bulging.
“I see that you’ve not yet come to your senses!”
He spun her round to face the wall, leaning her forward to balance on her hands.  She was paralysed in that position as his hands slid around her body and began to unfasten the buttons on her blouse.
“Are you sure you won’t hand it over?” he asked as he lowered her arms, slipped off her blouse and sprang the catches on her bra, sliding it from her shoulders and dropping it to the ground.
He turned her round to face him.  She made no effort to cover her naked breasts.  His hands cupped them, squeezing the nipples.
“I do have ways of making you hand it over,” he said menacingly.
“Then you’d better do your worst, Claus,” she said as she threw her arms around his neck and pressed her lips onto his.
Her trembling body was obedient to every touch of his powerful arms.  His hands and mouth contorted her body until she cried out in ecstasy.  He easily picked her up, her limp body resigned to his will as he placed her on the table.  She obediently stretched out on the cold surface,   as he restrained her wrists with the straps.  Then his hands tore at the rest of her clothes until she lay naked, feeling the straps being tightened around her ankles.
Now he could slow down, teasing her body with his hands and lips, certain in the knowledge that she couldn’t escape.  She moaned at his touch.
“Please!” she begged; “Oh please!”
She thought of the people standing in the queue who would hear her pleas.  They would feel pity at a young girl being tortured.  If only they knew!  The door was not locked.  Anybody could just walk in and see her lying there spread-eagled naked on the table.  Perhaps they would join in with the ‘torture’ and Claus would have to let them, otherwise their secret would be known.  Her feelings grew more intense at this thought.
He lay on top of her and she gasped as he entered her.  He moved slowly at first, agonisingly slowly until her body strained at the bonds.
“PLEASE!” she begged.
The people in the queue would once again feel pity for her.  His movements grew faster and more powerful.
“Are you going to hand over the book?” he gasped.
“No! No! No!  Oh GOD, Nooooooo!
“Are you sure?”
Yes! Yes! Yes!  Oh GOD, Yessssssss!
Suddenly she was dressed again and standing at the front of the queue.  She obediently handed the book to the woman behind the desk.  The woman glanced at her, tearing out the first page and stamping the military insignia on it.
She picked up the book and returned it to her bag.  Putting her money in her purse, she headed for the front door.  The blond man held it open for her.  She tapped him on the arm and he bent down to hear what she had to say.
“You were magnificent!”
“Thank you madam,” replied the bemused man.  “We’ll see you again next week.”

“Oh I do hope so,” she said, as she left the post office and looked forward to the next pension day.

The End

Rebecca: Thank you so much for answering my questions. It’s been a pleasure getting to know you a little bit more.

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  2. Des makes interesting reading, and the sexy story is something I did not realise he did.Certainly a very enlightening interview.