Monday, June 9, 2014


Hello. Thank you for visiting my blog today. I’m Rebecca Scarberry (@Scarberryfields on Twitter). I’m author of Messages from Henry, Rag Doll, The Jumper series of kidlit, and Where Love Takes You.

I hope that you enjoy your visit and will go on to sample the blogs of other writers, highlighted below. We are part of a growing international community of writers, working to introduce each other’s blog to a wider audience. Anne Allen, Christine Findlay, Chair of Bookmark Blair (Blairgowrie Rattray and The Glens Book Festival) in Perthshire, Scotland, invited us to take part. See

Gillian also invited Rita Roberts and Michelle Higgs  to follow her on this tour.

Now it’s my turn to answer the 4 questions posed:

1.      What am I working on?

I’m not working on anything right now, but I have another twisted short story like Rag Doll rattling around in my head.

2.      How does my work differ from others of its genre?

I’ve self-published six books in four different genres. I’d say Messages from Henry is unique due to the hero, Henry, being a homing pigeon. It’s a highly original novella and very popular with all ages. My short story, Rag Doll, has many twists and turns, a unique setting, and a huge twist at the end. Some are now calling me the new O’Henry. My Jumper series of children’s books is unique because Jumper is a funny red beach ball, telling all about his adventures away from the toy store, Little Tykes  Toys & Bikes. So many parents and grandparents told me the little ones they read the books to want Jumper to be made into a children’s television program. I’ve finished writing the script for one episode (per the request of two film producers). I’m in the process of getting the copyright. Where Love Takes You is the sequel to Messages from Henry. I feel that it’s unique because it’s not only a transatlantic romance set in England, but most of it is about racing pigeons. Yep! It turns out Henry isn’t a homing pigeon after all. Henry and his mate, Cecilia are racing pigeons.

3.      Why do I write what I do?

I simply write because it’s fun and I want to continue to entertain readers worldwide.

4.      How does my writing process work?

I start out with one main character and decide who will be telling the story. I then decide what the setting will be. I make an outline. The outline consists of a brief description of the beginning, middle, end, and all of the characters. There are only two books I’ve written where I didn’t do it this way. Those books are Messages from Henry and Rag Doll.

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