Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Hello. I'm Rebecca Scarberry, Scarberryfields on Twitter. Thank you for visiting my blog today. I have interviewed author, Victor K. Ramsey, VKRamsey on Twitter. I've enjoyed learning more about him and certain you will also.

Scarberryfields: Can you tell us a little about your nationality?
Vic: I was born in Hartford, Connecticut, but I have to admit, as a child, I didn't identify with the United Sates as such. Naturally, I do love America, but I’m probably not someone you would consider a typical American patriot. I think I gained a much deeper capacity to love and appreciate people of any nation, during my stay in India, Tibet, and Peru.
Scarberryfields: When you finish writing a story, do you miss the characters?
Vic: Not really. They are always near me. It’s probably because I keep writing. My Guarding the Light Series contains four parts and so far, I’ve only published part one called, The Third Key. What I miss sometimes is going deeper into the reality of Jason Raiden and allow him to show more clearly on the pages I write.
Scarberryfields: While writing, if you need help with punctuation and grammar, where do you turn?
Vic: Hmm. Well, I have one friend, Linda for that. She’s just crazy good for those types of things. I’m absolutely not.
Scarberryfields: With the number of hours spent writing, do family members support you or complain about the time spent away from them?
Vic: Both! They try to tolerate my absence but then it’s just not easy many times. On the other hand, they like to read so they need to provide me with the peace of a ‘writing cave’.
Scarberryfields: Do you travel to places you mention in your stories for research sake?
Vic: Well, in some of my previous lives or dimensions, sure. Now, seriously, I like to write stories about places I’ve visited. Like in The Third Key, there’s a crescendo of a story line that ends in Tyns Temple. It's a mystical place, with rich and real alchemic history.   I pass by this temple a few times a week. It’s in the middle of the Old Town square, here in Prague.
Scarberryfields: When you’re writing, do you shut-off all social networks?
Vic: I have to. Otherwise, I’m not writing, I’m everywhere. There are people that are able to multitask, not me. Not while writing anyway.
Scarberryfields: Did you use any family members as Beta readers for your stories?
Vic: Oh yes, I do, LOL. That’s a subject I could write a story about. I’ll do that one day! It’s intense sometimes!
Scarberryfields: Do you feel social networking as a marketing tool, is beneficial?
Vic: I’m VERY new to that. I didn’t even have a Facebook account or Twitter until just a month or so ago. I actually didn't plan to publish my books, but the signs to do it were becoming just too hard to ignore. So, yeah I think it’s a great tool to share, connect and also market the books (I guess).
Scarberryfields: What is the last book called that you completed and published?
Vic: So far, I have only one novel published, The Third Key. I’ll publish part two, very soon I believe.
 Scarberryfields: Where can readers go to find your book?  
Vic: Amazon for now.

Scarberryfields: Thank you, Vic for answering my questions. I've been tweeting about your book and I see you're getting rave reviews. Congratulations!


  1. A good informative interview. Good questions Rebecca and great answers Victor -Bravo